Gigi Eligoloff

People in pink houses…

I’m a former sometime television producer who is embracing new ways of earning a crust. I’m as a big a fan of The Wombles and reality show contestants as the next woman, but they don’t keep regular hours ( Orinoco especially is shocking!) and, despite the riches my children need to see me. Occasionally.

Why does a career have to be so rigid when skills are still being honed and acquired? Well, I say Codswallop to all that. I am a writer. And an editor. And a television producer. Format consultant. And a digital marketing consultant. And copywriter. I’m also (I’m told) quite good at interior design. But that’s definitely just a side-line. For now.

When life throws you beautiful curve balls (children) who like having mummy at the school gates you see an open window. Climb up on the window sill, get comfortable and make a few calls.


My first site

Three months after my eldest was born I started my own website called MumsRock.com. It was 2007 and I had up until then managed to avoid much of the online world. Except facebook obviously.

MumsRock was the beginning of my steep learning curve. It was part cool online shopping edit and part soap-box to shout about things that annoyed me.

One of my proudest moments was having one of my posts picked up by the ‘proper’ media (at least in my mother’s view!).

A double page spread in the Guardian guardian mumsrock

I still don’t know what I think about the ‘M’ word. But I’m glad I got people talking about it. For a little while at least.

Other stuff you might want to know:

Some people think the most interesting fact about me is that I used to be Executive Producer of Big Brother. The truth is, the most interesting fact about me is that The Sun ‘newspaper’ ran an interview with me around that time. It sat bold and cold beneath the headline ‘Meet the girl who ruined Big Brother’. Don’t search for it online – it’s not there. Thanks to Cheezus. But needless to say I learned a hard lesson that day. That some newspapers LIE.

And that being at the top…well, it ain’t all that.

What happened to MumsRock.com?

I sold MumsRock.com to some Americans InThePowderRoom which I then edited for a couple of years building a dazzling array of quite brilliant female writers. Many of whom were so funny wetting your pants became something that actually happened on more than one occasion. It’s true. I have the emails.

And then I went back to TV for a while because I couldn’t resist really. And now I am back online editing over at the mighty Mumsnet’s sister site – Gransnet.com. Learning about the baby boomers (soon to make up more than 50% of our population) is an education in itself. Not least because I am on a bus bound for the same town myself.

Digital marketing for authors

My digital marketing hat came about organically – as did most of my jobs. A good friend, who had struggled for years to get a publishing deal, finally got there with a selective self publishing deal. This meant some help, but none with the marketing. As a favour I offered to talk her through some of the basics of digital marketing like creating a brand and getting social etc. We both discovered I knew more than I had been letting on. That one author has now led to others and for my part – I’m just happy spreading the good word of online love.

If you need some help beyond these blog posts please do drop me an line and I will try to help.

Random facts if you’re still reading:

I think I can nearly bake. I’m recently (and perhaps worryingly) often excited by gardening. I’m always excited about drinking expensive cocktails and I still think that Father Ralph de Briccassart from The Thornbirds was EPIC.

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