The further winkling of a career girl

Weewillie One exciting outcome from the candy-cottage experience has been a serious (unless she’s got a mighty fine poker-face) approach to make-over a conservatory. Now. Just the thought of this has got my fingers twitching. Just. Thinking. Of the colour, storage, flooring and tranformation of light and dark has.. literally got me breathless. Is this a sign I wonder. Maybe this is my next career. Now that would be quite the thing wouldn’t it?

Oh, but the ever-rolling, eye-watering career opportunities that punctuate the road ahead of me. And how odd that the choice seems greater now than when I was young-er.

Pre-kids I felt so firm in my direction, but once my son was born along with that amazing creative energy surge  which only served to show me  how the world is still so malleable.

There’s clearly more winkling to be done.


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