A few of my favourite things this time of year…

Biscuits cut in the shape of Christmas stars.

Turkey recipes in all the Sunday papers. Mind-bogglingly scrumptious.

Viral videos that make me cry. In a good way,

Our Elf on the Shelf.


Hot mulled wine. Because it’s Christmas, nearly.

A brisk walk along the seaside, preferably Whitstable.


Looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special.


Giveaways (like the one on Sticky Fingers for a snazzy john Lewis Xmas Hamper).

Nativity plays at school. Even though, we’re not Christian and I do not believe in Jesus (don’t hate me), it still makes me love this time of year with an irrationality equal only to my fervor at Easter.

My friends posting happy stuff or remembering loved ones past and present on facebook.

A guide to finding your elf name. Essential this time of year.


The phrase ‘Good Will to all Women’ (okay, I paraphrased, but I do think it has an awfully nice ring to it).

My daughter’s ability to photo bomb.


My son’s ability to be creative with accessories.


Good samaritans, kindness, joy, health, warmth, a good soup and….if I may add (in a totally non-sponsored way) –

A totally LUSH Giant bean bag from MADE.COM which we have just had delivered…


…which will make today’s after-school viewing of elf perfect.




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