Kooples therapy

I met a really lovely woman the other day. A fellow parent of tiny children, her kids go to the faith school. All Hail Marys and sharp elbows.

Anyway, what made me, and her laugh about that was her scarf.

Here it is –


Really lovely right?

However, she discovered, one year, that’s right, ONE YEAR after buying it and wearing it merrily.

School run and all…

That it said this –


And this –


The Kooples? No words….


5 thoughts on “Kooples therapy

  1. Careering Post author

    Thing that struck me was how utterly unnecessary it was. Much nicer would have been if it had something like ‘ Boo bad things’ on it, or even ‘ God loves the scarf wearers, mainly’. To heck with it – I’m going to go into fashion. Out. Of. My. Way.


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