Polly put the kettle on

A while ago I found a great vintage coke sign (thanks eBay man who…”knows a bloke down the scrapyard” ).


I over-shared again about a certain silk scarf which I discovered I needed to buy. Urgently.


Thankfully, I was between blogs when I bought the Georgian window frame (again on eBay) otherwise I would have had a big old rant about the fact that it arrived, unannounced, in pieces. Thereby sealing it’s fate temporarily as one-of-those-things-you-bought-on-impulse-on-ebay-and-couldn’t-return.

But, eventually I womaned-up and figured it all out, glued the little bugger together and marveled at my own brilliance. I had planned to get it glazed and use it as a window mirror. but then I happened upon the impossibly lovely silk scarf and thought that together I might just have come up with a new, better plan.

So, here’s the final look in what I’m currently calling my hotch-potch corner.


I still need to paint out the brackets on the Coke sign, and iron out the creases of the scarf…eventually (unless they happen to fall out on their own).

But, essentially, this corner feels like it’s finally ready to be curled up in, with a nice big mug of tea (or a chilled smallish Limoncello…) and a brilliant book. Which by the way, if you haven’t read ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry‘, do. it’s a total keeper.





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