Today our little one started nursery, and, so began the first day of the rest of our lives.

Plan A:

I will now effortlessly pick up my career from the bottom of the sock drawer where I left it.

And continue my participation in a civilized society.
I will also wear grown up clothes and shoes that are not Converse or FitFlops.

Plan B.

I will come up with a Grand Plan. I may just have another cup of coffee first and then start on that.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Although I can’t sing, won’t do mime and I need to be back for pick up at 3.15.


2 thoughts on “Connundrums

  1. Colette

    You have just described my career situation. Except I live in converse and flip flops full time. Fit flops of the sandal and trainer variety were my only choice during pregnancy so I stopped wearing as soon as baby was out!

    My career is in the bottom of my second underwear drawer. The one with all the larger sizes in it. The other one occasionally gets used when said larger sizes run out and are in the wash. I soon regret risking the smaller size as I leave the house!

  2. Careering Post author

    Yes, there is a veritable army of brilliant women out there chained to Cbeebies for no better reason than that our work culture rewards people that:

    a) ….stay late at the office drinking wine and gossiping about which runner they would shag at the wrap party. Unless you are a runner in which case you gossip about which reality show contestant you will shag at the wrap party. Unless you are the boss in which case you plan the wrap party and surf the web for outfits and a hotel room nearby so you don’t have to get a common cab home like your team do.

    b)… either don’t have children or pretend they don’t (YOU know who you are People).

    c) are brutally ambitious, socially retarded egotists. And I know this because before I had a baby come out of me, THAT was me.


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