This is the first post

post box

Which ironically is about the last post. Since today the government have announced that they are selling off The Royal Mail. More coffers from the family silver for our delightful (unelected) government. But I won’t rant and rail over all the reasons why this is a stupid decision. Neither will I rake up the other stupid,  worthless and mean-spirited things that this government have also done.

I will just pause to remember the days when there was a first post. And a second post. And the sound of the letterbox chiming and the satisfying thud of mail on mat which brought postcards, and letters and packages rarely typewritten. Each item stamped with an actual licked-by-the-correspondent-and-stuck-down stamp.

And I’ll raise my metaphorical hat to the Royal Mail which were mostly brilliant. In wind, rain, snow and heatwave. In shorts, anoraks and bright red fleeces. Oh for a lipstick in Royal Mail red. And I’ll pat my postbox when I see it and stop to marvel at the history and age of these leaning old soldiers making their last heroic stand for the written word of communication.


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